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The protection of your personal data is vitally important to us. Therefore we want to inform you about our data protection guidelines, which we adhere to in the hiring process.
What information will be recorded?
During the hiring process you will need to provide us with some personal information. When you register with our application website, we will save your first and last name, date of birth, address, and e-mail address. Subsequently, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. By sending us your CV, you will provide us with further personal information (academic record, employment career, employment and salary vision). The user data will of course be treated as highly confidential and not be passed on.
Applications that are submitted via e-mail will automatically be scanned and recorded in our application system. Thereby, any attached documents (cover letter, CV, recommendation letters, certificates, and other references) will be saved.
Should you have supplied us with your application via letter, we will first digitalize it and then save it to our application system. The original application will be returned to you.
Inappropriate Content
Only you are responsible for the content of your application. Please ensure that you do not send us any attachments with viruses or bugs. The information you send us should also not contain:
  • Information on diseases
  • Information about a potential pregnancy
  • Information on ethnic origins
  • Political, religious, or philosophical views
  • Union membership or sexual orientation
  • Harmful or degrading information
  • Information that is not relevant for your application
The Information that you send us must be truthful, must not harm the rights of third parties, and must not violate legal requirements or moral standards. Please be advised that you indemnify us to all damages that result from inappropriate contents.
Who handles your data?
The application website is maintained by concludis GmbH, Frankfurterstrasse 561, 51145 Cologne in Germany and hosted on a dedicated server of the Hetzner Online AG, Stuttgarter Str. 1 in 91710 Gunzenhausen in Germany. Therefore, also the previously named two companies handle your information.
To whom will your information be made available?
Your information will be used exclusively during the hiring process in our company. We do not pass on your information to third parties. While reviewing your application, we will also consider it for alternative vacancies in our company.
For how long will your data be saved?
We have the right to cease that service at any point and to delete your profile and your information without specifying a reason.
Data safety
We engage in measures to ensure the protection of your information and to safeguard against misuse by third parties. We use encoding measures (SSL-encryption), firewalls, anti-hacker programmes and manual safety measures. The SSL-encryption is active, whenever the web address starts with “https://”.Please be advised that we use JavaScript™ on our websites.
Error of services, end or alteration of service and deleting of data
We do not guarantee that our offer will be available at specific times. We do not preclude errors, interruptions or potential downtime of the system. The servers will receive backups regularly. Whenever you submit information to us, we do however recommend that you keep copies of it for yourself. We have the right to alter, to expand, to limit or to cease this service at any point. We are not liable for lost or deleted data.
Announcement of changes
We have the right to partially or completely alter this declaration at any point without previous announcement. However, the standard of data protection will be maintained in any case. In case of alterations and/or updates of the data protection guidelines, we will inform you via an e-mail to your stated e-mail address. Please examine the altered declaration to take note of alterations or updates and their potential consequences for you.